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15306 Capehart Road

Springfield, NE 68059

Phone: 402-690-0030

Fax: 402-972-8409

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So Vrana Construction is working on paving Capehart from 144th St./HWY 50 almost to the Park Entrance. That is the Good News!

Bad News is we have to deal with a slight detour until completed sometime this summer. Below are the alternate options for you to arrive at the Bark Park!

Route Option 1) For now you should take 168th St. at HWY 370 South to Capehart Rd and then East to 15306 Capehart Rd. (There is a sign on the corner of 168th & Capehart saying Rd closed ahead but it is open to the park driveway entrance.)

Route Option 2) Alternate route would be 144th/Hwy50 South to Schram Rd head west to 168th St. then south to Capehart Rd. then east again to 15306 Capehart Rd.